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Our legal professionals will defend you with their knowledge and experience in criminal law. You can be sure justice is served by Mark L. Kent, Attorney at Law.

Estate Planning and Probate Lawyers

Make sure everything you've worked for goes in to the right hands with the right documentation and beyond.

Property Law Information

Worried about a property's existing liens, leases, and everything else in between? Learn everything there is to know before buying a property

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At Mark L. Kent, Attorney at Law, we strive to deliver exceptional legal services.

As a highly accomplished attorney, MARK L. KENT is dedicated to upholding the principles of justice and advocating for the rights of our clients. With the rest of the legal firm, we offer an unwavering commitment to helping you navigate the complexities of the law with precision and integrity. We are confident in our ability to provide effective legal representation, strategic counsel, and unwavering support to our clients. Let us help you in achieving the best possible outcomes for your case.

  • Experienced Team of Attorneys
  • Years of Legal Training and Knowledge
  • An Advocate for Justice and Fairness
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What We Offer
Mark L. Kent, Attorney at Law provides the best legal representation in Murfreesboro, TN. Trust us with the following cases.
Criminal Law
Your case is in good hands with an experienced criminal lawyer ready to defend your case and ensure fairness at every turn.
Property Law
We guide property owners, investors, and developers in navigating complicated real estate transactions, such as contracts and leases, as well as resolving disputes. We aim to offer legal representation that helps you with the complexities of the real estate market and accomplish your goals.
Probate Law
With extensive knowledge of probate laws and procedures, we’re here to assist you in every step of the probate process. From resolving any disputes between beneficiaries to reviewing the assets of a loved one, we provide legal solutions to help you through these difficult times.
Estate Planning
Let's ensure everything your leaving behind benefits the ones who matter to you the most.
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Client Testimonials
Mark Kent is a capable, thoughtful and thorough attorney. But what makes him special is his deep understanding of our community, his ability to communicate...
Andrew Oppmann
Mark Kent is the man! Everything he said that he was going to do for me was exactly the outcome. He had my back to...
Ryan Diver
My husband and I can never thank Mark Kent enough for handling a situation that no other attorneys we retained before him could. Our situation...
Debi Sheets
great attorney, man of his word! he stands his ground, very intelligent, very honest. helped my boyfriend out a lot it could’ve been a lot...
Lillie Bey
Mark was a confident advocate for me in a stressful situation. His support and encouragement never wavered. My case went to trial, and thanks to...
Paul H
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